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Shimberg 2017/18 Competitive Tryouts Copy

FC Tampa Rangers Shimberg 2017/18 Competitive Tryouts
Boys & Girls


To register for Shimberg CLICK HERE.

NOTE – All Rangers teams will hold additional tryout dates through May 26th following the same schedule below per age group.

We believe players and parents should ask and receive an answer to the following questions when deciding on a club: Will I be valued and respected as a player and person? Is developing the talents of the players more important than winning at all cost? Will the organization help the player reach their potential teaching them skills, honor and sportsmanship? The FC Tampa Rangers Organization’s answer to these questions is YES!

We are committed to the development of the player by:

• Providing dedicated coaches and top class facilities • Teaching professionals to support the coaches. • Stressing player development and individual growth. • Challenging our players in a fun and competitive environment while stressing development over winning. • Educating the values that benefit players outside of soccer such as respect, dedication, education, ambition, discipline, commitment and loyalty. • Providing truthful information when discussing playing options and college opportunities. • Encouraging a passion for the sport of soccer and for the Rangers.

FC Tampa Rangers teams play in Florida Youth Soccer Association sanctioned leagues including: Florida Premier Soccer League, United Soccer Association, and Region 3 Premier league.

Note – We will seek to place teams in competitions that reflect the ability of each team.


Tryout Process

  1. Tryous are free but you must register online at Gotsoccer.
  2. Print the Gotsoccer confirmation email and bring it with you to our registration tables.
  3. Print, complete and bring the required PICC form (see “Tryout Required Forms” below).
  4. Receive your identification number from our staff.
  5. Go to your assigned field for tryout.



FC Tampa Rangers teams compete in the following tournaments: Commissioners Cup, Presidents Cup, State Cup, showcases and tournaments pending the purpose of the event for the players and the team.

Players are asked to attend all tryout dates possible. If you cannot make a day of tryouts, it is imperative that you note it on the online registration form and send an email to mike@fctamparangers.com.

Do not be intimidated by clubs who demand that you attend all their tryout dates. Also, please arrive 15-30 minutes early to prepare for your respective tryout!

Join us, defend the shield, wear the stripes. Click to fill out our free tryout registration. 

Tryout Attendance

  1. Participants must have completed the check-in process and received an identification number.
  2. Wear apparel that does not identify your current club.
  3. Bring a ball, water bottle and wear shin guards.
  4. Follow the direction of the coaches.
  5. You may be notified by the coach at any point in the tryout process of your team placement if selected, you will be given a card that you must bring to the team registration main table to complete and secure your spot on the team.

Tryout Schedule

Team Placement & Post Tryout Instructions

You’ll receive a status email after your first tryout with an invite to join the club OR to return for further evaluation. Players selected to join the club should do the following:

  1. Receive an acceptance email from the Rangers organization.
  2. Click on link to fill out the Rangers Player Commitment Form & pay the $250 commitment fee. This fee is non refundable and reserves your space on the team.
  3. Successfully submit Commitment Form & payment. You will receive a confirmation email.
  4. Final club registration link will be sent to players after May 31st, per FYSA rules. Link will direct you to the Gotsoccer.com website. Your $250 commitment fee will go towards your season registration fee. Once player registration is finished, you’re officially a Ranger!


Field Status

For status of fields during tryouts, parents can sign up to our Rainedout App by clicking on the logo below:

Tryouts Required Form

Required form for tryout, print and bring filled out: Parent Informed Consent Concussion Form

Financial Information

If financial assistance is needed, please email mike@fctamparangers.com. Need based assistance to those that can demonstrate financial need. To determine eligibility for assistance we use the Federal Poverty Thresholds and your household adjusted gross income (AGI).  If your AGI is 150% of this threshold and below you are eligible to apply for assistance.



Si tienes alguna pregunta en Español, favor enviar email a webmaster@fctamparangers.com