Rangers FC

Shimberg Competitive

Registrations are open! Now you can sign up today to try out to become a 2019/20 Ranger competitive player. We will be holding tryouts for boys and girls, from May 7th to the 10th.



The RANGERS are more than a club…. its a soccer culture!

We believe players and parents should ask and receive an answer to the following questions when deciding on a club.

Will I be valued and respected as a player and a person?
Will I be part of a team and part of a club?
Is developing the talents of the players more important than winning at all cost?

We are committed to the development of the player by:

• Providing dedicated coaches and top-class facilities.

• Providing Teaching Professionals to support the coaches.

• Stressing player development and individual growth.

• Challenging our players in a fun and competitive environment while

stressing development over winning.

• Educating the values that benefit players outside of soccer:

• Respect, dedication, education, ambition, discipline, commitment, and loyalty.

• Provide truthful information when discussing playing options and

college opportunities.

• Encourage a passion for the sport of soccer and Rangers.

FC Tampa Rangers teams play in Florida Youth Soccer Association sanctioned leagues
including Florida Premier Soccer League, United Soccer Association, Region 3 Premier League.

Note – We will seek to place the teams in competitions that reflect the ability of the teams.

FC Tampa Rangers teams compete in the following tournaments: Region Cup, State
Cup and Disney Showcase tournaments, Danone Cup and other pre and postseason
tournaments pending the purpose of the event for the players and the team.

FC TAMPA RANGERS Club Competitive Team Tryouts will be:

• Dates:  May 7 thru May 10

• Days:  Tuesday thru Friday

• Times:  See Schedule

• Ages:  200 to 2007 Girls • 2000 to 2011 Boys

• Gender:  Boys & Girls Competitive Teams

• Coaching Assignments:  Posted Prior to Tryouts