Rangers FC


The United States Soccer Federation (U.S. Soccer) has announced major changes for youth soccer that will impact teams and soccer clubs throughout the United States, beginning in August 2016. In light of our upcoming competitive player selection process (beginning May 31st 2016), all appropriate steps must be in place now to prepare for these changes. We believe that a quick acclimation is in everyone ‘s best interest and we have taken steps to make these changes as smooth as possible for our players.

Our goal is to make sure each child plays at a level that is best for him/her to thrive while, of course, complying with the new mandatory changes. We want to educate our families and garner your support during this time of change. Please remember that this is a U.S. Soccer mandate and NOT an FC Tampa Soccer Club mandate.

Please click on link for the OFFICIAL CLUB STATEMENT along with some Q&A which we hope will answer many of your questions.