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Tampa Bay, FL (June 14, 2018) – FC TAMPA RANGERS – “The recruiting process is a vulnerable time for families, and most don’t know what you’re expected to do, or when to do it. Having no clear path to follow can intimidate even the most knowledgeable parents and athletes. This is why FC TAMPA RANGERS is pleased to provide the College Center as a member benefit, to our student athletes and their families. We feel this investment by the club is well worth it and will have a direct impact on the futures of our current players preparing for college and those who will follow.

Our goal is to make sure our student athletes have the resources they need to find the right college, the right coach, and the right opportunity for them. We don’t just talk about what we might do to help our players, we do it.” said Mike Connell – Club Director and, Director of Coaching, for FC Tampa Rangers.

Academics play a vital role in the college admissions and recruiting process, and it is central to the FC Tampa Rangers total player development philosophy. FC TAMPA RANGERS parents and student athletes, will have unlimited access to one of the largest online college forums; including free mentor support, help with essay’s, the college admissions process, financial aid and more, starting in grade 9.

Parents and players are being influenced to attend certain showcases, join a particular team or play in a travel league often based on a flawed ranking system resulting in players not being seen or actively recruited. As youth sports clubs talk about preparing kids for college, FC TAMPA RANGERS is investing in education and partnering with The Sport Source® to launch a college readiness platform to assist families of FC Tampa Rangers.

“Daily, parents are lured into spending hundreds of dollars on recruiting services with negligible results and questionable business practices that lock athletes out of their own recruiting processes. Our college center incorporates a proven approach with age/grade specific timelines keeping students on track, and the net price calculator lets parents know how much their child’s grades are worth before they apply. By removing the “guesswork” our parents can make an educated decision when choosing a college” added Mike.

The FC Tampa Rangers College Center removes the barrier making it simple and easy for families to make a college connection. Parents and players can personalize the search, and instantly connect with thousands of college coaches and admissions officers across the United States, and Canada.

“Not all Division I men’s programs are fully funded, and if they are, they have 2.47 scholarships any given year. Division I girls have 14 scholarships annually to allocate from freshman through seniors, and again this is if they are fully funded. Typically, college coaches award athletic aid to returning players who have proved themselves, and then to new talent. In either case, if the roster has 20 plus players, the reality is few get a “full-ride athletic scholarship” added Mike.

“Youth in sports and education has always been a priority to Mike. Together we can ensure all kids who can make it in college, makes it to college, and if they choose to play collegiate sports, they have options and opportunities” said Charlie Kadupski, Founder & CEO The Sport Source®.

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