Rangers FC

Tournament Participation

FC Tampa Rangers Tournament Video from Milorian Studios on Vimeo.

One of the advantages of the FC Tampa Rangers is the amount of tournaments we qualify for and many times we place or win them. Not only do we take advantage of taking our players to compete with the best, we assure that we get the exposure needed to get to the next levels such as ODP, the US National Team and college coaches.

Since starting in 2010 have participated and won or been finalist at the Region C Cup, Presidents Cup and in the coveted Florida State Cup this past season. The success is a testament to the player development process from the juniors and with our senior teams. The season ending tournaments provide players and coaches an opportunity to showcase their hard work over the course of the season.

Along the way, we enter other club’s preseason and mid-season tournaments with a specific purpose of assessing player’s progression and development. For our member families and the players, the purpose is the excitement of competition, the joy of victory and the agony of defeat. Regardless of the result, we want the player’s maturation and development of the game to come first which is why we select tournaments based on proper preparation, timing and compatible competition.

As US Soccer continues to pass along what they are doing to the clubs across the country through modeling the International football academy style of training and development, several games in short periods of time with high impact is not conducive to the player’s health and well-being. So we follow a developmental model where preparation to play the game at a higher level is our top priority which means a balance of how frequently games are played is more important than anything else. 

As our teams enter the teenage years with aspirations of playing in college and beyond, we have steadily fielded state level teams which have allowed us to compete in showcase tournaments for which our Ranger players are now being recognized through acceptance letters and playing in college.   

We continue in 2017 with the same philosophy that focusing on player development will lead to success of the team during competition.