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2017 Tryout News

At the 2016 Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) Annual General Meeting last August, a rule change passed regarding tryouts.

Traditionally, we have always had the same tryout process.  Tryouts start statewide after Memorial Day and run for 6-7 days.  With the rule change, that is no longer the case. 
According to the new rule, tryouts can now be held on April 1st or after provided certain guidelines are met (e.g., all tryouts must be publicly posted and players remain bound to their existing club for the balance of the current seasonal year).  

The player’s current team seasonal year ends when State Cup play has concluded in mid-May. Therefore, a player may attend a publicly advertised tryout starting April 1st, but he or she will remain rostered on his or her 2016-2017 team until the end of the current teams season. 

Unfortunately, the new rule conflicts with other FYSA bylaws/rules that were not adjusted and which may complicate matters.  FYSA will schedule conference calls with directors to provide more clarity soon. 

What does this mean for FC Tampa Rangers?  It means that our 2017-2018 season tryouts will be held April 3-April 8, 2017 for all age groups.  After the completion of the conference calls we will provide more information to our membership and roll out our exact tryout schedule for the week of April 3, 2017.

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FC Tampa Rangers