Rangers FC

UNO by Playermaker

This season we are focusing on improving professional performance. To reach the highest level of performance and to enhance personal and group capabilities, we are excited to introduce UNO by Playermaker- an individual tracking performance tool – Smart motion sensors attached directly to players’ shoes.
For the first time players will be able to measure their technical capabilities along with their physical abilities in both training and games. Players will also be able to measure every session they do on their own to improve individual soccer skills such as:
  • Leg usage
  • Number of touches
  • Possessions
  • Average time on the ball
  • Speed
  • Acceleration and Deceleration
  • High intensity running
The Playermaker technology is used by clubs all over the world at all levels from recreational to Elite.
Moreover, immediately after each session, players and coaches have access to ALL the data in a precise summary report. The collected data will simply sync with the UNO app on the player’s mobile device and DONE – all the data is at your fingertips.
We are happy to announce that we’ve secured a special 20% discount for our players! This is a limited time only offer (Preorders) – highly recommended, don’t miss this opportunity.
To get the discount, please click here www.playermakeruno.com and use your team code WELCOMEFCTAMPA to access the website but also to secure your 20% OFF!
*The website is only available to exclusive clubs so make sure to enter your team code to enter the website and in the apply discount field.
Take a look at the UNO by Playermaker technology: