Rangers FC




El Jogo Bonito, the beautiful game. Soccer, futebol, balonpie, football, however you want to call it, is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world’s most popular sport.

In Florida alone there are over 100,000 youth soccer players and we are proud to say that have some of the best learn and play at our club.

FC Tampa expanded from their Town and Country location to Lutz when Mike Connell, Sean Coniglio, Bob Baumann and Pete Mastro got together to help manage the new site. Rangers have been steadily growing, not only in size, but in strength and quality. We are not your typical club which is why we have so many players and families who want to join Rangers.


Our players, our coaches and our families are our priorities. We want to be an example on and off the field and through the years, we have built a solid reputation that makes every single member of our organization extremely proud.

We grow, but always with respect for the game and our players.

Welcome to our website and feel free to contact our DOC for any question or suggestion you may have.

Founder Mike Connell defending against Pelé