Rangers FC

A Ranger in Broadway!

Our Ranger Star is shinning on Broadway! We know Ryan misses soccer, our club and his teammates, but in return, he’s having the experience of a lifetime as Charlie in the musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Before the game we couldn’t wish him this, but now we can: Break a leg!
Here’s what the critics are saying about him for his performance as Charlie Bucket:

Hollywood Reporter

Charlie Bucket (played with natural verve by Ryan Foust at the performance reviewed)


New York Daily News

As Charlie, young Ryan Foust was terrific in the performance I saw…


New York Times

…by the talented child actor I saw in the title role, Ryan Foust, playing the penurious but resourceful Charlie Bucket.


The Wrap

…a game little performer (Ryan Foust)



Ryan Foust, who played the part at a designated critics’ performance, was the best thing in the show — sweet, earnest, and thoroughly professional.


Times Square Chronicles

…when Charlie (the delightful Ryan Foust)…


Edwardsville the Intelligencer

…a game little performer, Foust…


Front Row Center

Ryan Foust as Charlie is believably earnest and innocent without being cloying, singing in a fresh and real voice that suits his age.


DC Metro Theater Arts

Three young boys share the role of Charlie, and an extraordinary tot named Ryan Foust played him on my night.


Front Mezz Junkies

Charlie… is played dutifully by Ryan Foust at the performance I saw…He has a lovely balance of a good boy who doesn’t always do what he’s told, but his heart is obviously as golden as the ticket he covets. 



At the performance I saw Ryan Foust was terrific as awed Charlie whose love for his family is nicely integrated into the story. His relationships with his hard-working mother (warmly portrayed by Emily Padget) and attentive grandfather (a splendid John Rubenstein) is a winning part of the plot, as are his affectionate connections with his other bed-ridden grandparents who live in a cartoon-like world of semi-squalor.



Destitution has never seen a more cheerful or nobler clan than the Buckets. Charlie Bucket (Ryan Foust on the night I attended)


The Hofstra Chronicle

Ryan Foust, who performed as Charlie on April 28 and is making his Broadway debut with the show, was giddy and had an incredible voice for someone so young.


Theater in the Now

The rotating Charlie at my performance was played by Ryan Foust. And boy did he hold his own, going toe to toe with Borle and the rest of the veterans on stage.


Forbes on Film

Ryan Foust at my performance (one of three Charlie’s) was quite remarkable, handling his large role, beginning with his long opening number, with aplomb and avoiding cloying cuteness.


Stephenholtshow’s Blog

Accompanied by the delightfully woebegone child actor playing Charlie Bucket, Ryan Foust.


The Theater Times

…the enchantingly sincere Charlie (played by Ryan Foust at our performance)…


Talking Broadway

The boy I saw in the lead was wonderful, in good voice and unaffected. I was really impressed with him. Ryan Faust.


The Epoch Times

Foust is nicely appealing as Charlie…


The Village Voice

The smallest one, Ryan Foust, was on deck the night I went; he’s adorable, funny, and smart, if suspiciously sophisticated to be playing a youngster from a seriously deprived environment.


North Jersey

I am speaking of Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” at the Lunt-Fontanne which thankfully boasts a delightful performance by one of the three young boys alternating the title role, Ryan Foust. With his sparkling personality he has a fine voice and is completely engaging …